How you can donate and help OUR Church

Investing in the work of the church is an awesome way to be a part of the mission of Living Faith Fellowship.  Cheerful and eager giving was an earmark of the early church.  We hope to be a ministry that models stewardship by using the resources provided to us, to advance the gospel and show the love of Christ.  It's never been easier to give at Living Faith. Check out some simple options below.


This is one of the easiest methods of giving LFF.  Simply click on the link HERE or on the icon below. Then follow a few easy steps to set-up an account and start giving! You can choose to give a ‘one-time’ gift through this secure site any time during the week, and you can even establish a repeating gift.


If you prefer a more traditional way to give, we designate time each Sunday to receive an offering.  This is an important part of the service because the Bible teaches that giving is one of the many acts of worship—it further contributes to the atmosphere of worship in the service.


If the other options just aren't your your style, but you still want to give, you can always choose to send a check to the church offices at any point throughout the week (1090 West Mount Road, Rocky Mount, NC 27803)


Can't be with us in person?  Watch live online.  It's the next best thing!